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2015 Annual Meeting

Please join us for the annual meeting at the Club at 1600 on Sunday, November 15. Learn about the health of your club and elect a new slate to the executive board.

The Nominating Committee has posted its slate of nominees for officers and committee chairs on the Club's bulletin board, as follows:

Nominees for Officers and Chairs for 2016-2017

From the Nominating Committee, October 17, 2015

For Commodore, Joe Brito, Jr.

Joe s belonged to the Club for 37 years, during which time he s been active in BYC cruising, racing, educational and social activities. He s served as Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, and Chair of the Social committee in the last few years. He s raced to Bermuda, stopped by at the Club hundreds of times on his way home, and worked on many Club projects behind the scenes. A recent grandfather, Joe lives on Poppasquash Point with his wife Betty, and moors his Bristol 35 Incognito nearby.

For Vice Commodore, Ruth Souto

A member of BYC since 1984, Ruth races on her green Sea Sprite Artemis in the BYC Wednesday night series, and has served as Fleet Captain and Rear Commodore, in addition to Chair of the Membership, Race and Grounds committees. She s married to Pat Crawford and lives in Bristol. Her long history and wise counsel have been of great value to many Club members.

For Rear Commodore, Kathi Lengel

For the last 14 years, Kathi has been an active BYC cruiser and volunteer instructor in the EBSF Adult Sailing program, as well as a contributor to the work of the Social, Waterfront, Grounds, and House Committees. She served as Chair of the Race Committee for two years, and as an At Large member of the Executive Board, editing the Mainsheet for several years. She and her husband Jim split their time between Vermont and Island Park where her summers are spent racing and cruising their yawl, Top Cat, often with their granddaughters.

For Fleet Captain, Chris Bjerregaard

Chris has been a leader in youth education at BYC, as well as an active cruiser, racer, and contributor to club projects for the last 22 years. You ll often see his boat Shearwater loaded with kids of all ages racing in the harbor on Wednesday nights or sailing offshore. You may also have seen Chris or his son foiling across the harbor in a Moth at 20 knots. Chris has chaired the Race and Junior Sailing committees for three terms as well as taking over Race this summer following an unexpected vacancy. In 2015 he and his wife June organized and ran in Bristol the 2015 US Youth Sailing Championships involving more than a hundred sailors from around the country. The family lives in Bristol with their two teen-aged children Teddy and Katie, both active BYC sailors and teachers.

For Secretary, Roland Gendreau

Roland has served as Secretary of the Club for the last three years, and has also served on the Waterfront committee. He and his wife Janet live in Bristol and cruise Gratitude each summer.

For Treasurer, Bob Elder

In addition to serving as BYC Treasurer for the last four years, Bob has been an At Large representative to the Board, and member for more than 10 years. You may find him and his wife Cindy, who live in Barrington, cruising or racing on their boat Restless with daughters Elizabeth and Emily.

For Immediate Past Commodore, David Schwartz

An active Club member since 1998, David is a successful racer and runs a high-tech marine manufacturing business in Bristol. He has served in every Club office, and oversaw the Club s improved financial standing over the last two years. He can be found aboard Mischief throughout the season.

For Social Committee Chair, Linda Silviera. A member since 2005, Linda has served on the Social and House committees.

Four House Committee Chair, Leslie Lippman. An active cruiser, Leslee has been a BYC member for 20 years, working on the House, Social, and Grounds Committees.

For Grounds Committee Chair, Joe Whelan. Long-time racer Joe has served on the House and One Design Race committees.

For Membership Committee Chair, Sharon DeLucca. Sharon has been an active member of the House and Membership committees as well as serving as Day Captain for the summer cruise in 2013 and 2014.

For Instructional Committee Chair, Nick Cromwell. Nick chaired the EBSF program for two years, and has led the J-22 project at the Club.

For Junior Sailing Committee Chair, Tim Harrall. Active cruiser Tim has led the Club s ad-hoc Youth Activities committee.

For Race Committee Chair, Mark Rotsky. 28-year member Mark organizes the MOHOSA races, and has served before in this important job.

For Waterfront Committee Chair, Bill Toohey. Bill has led the improvement of waterfront operations for the past two years, and is an active racer.

For At Large Board Members:

Kathryn Swanson: Kathryn has been an active contributor to the House Committee.

Sarah O Neil: Sarah served as Chair of the Social Committee for the last two years.

For Audit Committee Members:

Alan Dimson-Doyle: Active cruiser Alan served as Day Captain on the 2015 Annual Cruise.

Fred Eichmann: Fred is an active cruiser and Wednesday-night racer.

This slate was brought to you by the BYC Nominating Committee: Craig Lippman, Chair; Paul Castaldi, Peter Maloney, Peggie Perrotto, and Bill Petrocelli.

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