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Club Rules

These rules are for the guidance of members. Above all, common sense and courtesy will ensure everyone s enjoyment of the Club. The Flag Officers and Executive Committee are always available for any necessary clarification or advice.


1. The Club assumes no responsibility for money, jewelry, valuables, of other property left with employees, in lockers, motor vehicles, yachts, or elsewhere on the club premises.

2. Items left in the Lost and Found may be disposed of after Decommissioning each year.


1. The club house is open daily from 0800 hours to 2100 hours between the dates of Commissioning and Decommissioning. However, the Chart Room will be closed daily until 1200 hours. Special situations: Wednesday night for Racing, the Chart Room will remain open until 2300 hours and Friday night until 2200 hours. Later hours may be established for special events.

2. The club house will be open at such times as will be posted between Decommissioning and Commissioning. Members seeking entry to the Club at other times during this period are advised to contact the Steward ahead of time to make arrangements.

3. No one under the legal drinking age will be permitted in the Chart Room at any time that the club bar is open.

4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages must be confined to those sold by the Club over the bar or, for special events, by the bottle or the case. Liquor purchased at the Club must be consumed on the club premises. This rule does not apply to the consumption of alcoholic beverages from a yacht s locker while the yacht is at the club dock; provided that the consumption remains within the vicinity of the yacht. (Required to maintain the Club s liquor license.)

5. The Steward or his staff will be available to tend bar during the posted House hours.

6. Obviously intoxicated persons will not be served alcohol at the Club.

7. Shoes and shirts must be worn in the club house at all times.

8. Wet clothing may not be worn in the club house.

9. Personal property may be left in the club house in unusual circumstances with the permission of the Steward.

10. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or designated responsible adult while on Club property.

11. Smoking in the club house is not permitted.

12.Rental of club facilities can be arranged through the club Steward, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

13. Members are welcome to use the deck at any time the Club is open. Members are responsible for disposing of all garbage, trash, and recyclables after use.


1. Member vehicles parked overnight must be left in the lot farthest from the water.

2. Parking along the waterfront is limited to the unloading (10 minutes) and boat launching.

3. Non-members must ONLY park in the lot farthest from the water (west).

4. All vehicles must keep all aisles, trailered boats & their storage spaces and traffic areas clear for passage or they will be towed.

5. Trailers or large commercial vehicles may not be parked along the southerly property line, except dry sailed boats parked in the area provided.

6. Fifteen rental spaces are set aside along the West wall for powerboats on trailers. No boat longer than twenty feet (20 0 ) shall be stored in these spaces. Each space will have a sign showing the renting member s name. A single boat and trailer may be kept in each space. The member is responsible for all damage, especially to stone walls, in their space. It is the member s responsibility to document and report, to the Steward, any damage in their area at the beginning of each season.

7. Trailered powerboats WITHOUT assigned storages spaces may park for three (3) nights per season in TEMPORARY Trailer parking and only with a TEMP pass issued by a BYC staff member. Trailers and boats without a pass will be towed. Pass must be displayed ON the trailer.

8. No winter storage of yachts or trailers is permitted without rental payment.

9. Dry sailed boats must be secured in approved locations. Boats may not be stored on the Club lawn except during regattas.

10. Only dinghies with current paid storage fees may be stored in the dinghy racks or on the dingy floats. Current year permit stickers must be displayed.

11. Members are requested to assist in keeping the Club and grounds clean. Dispose of all trash in the proper receptacles.

12. Winter stakes, ground tackle and mooring buoys should be stored in the space provided.

13. No skate boards, bicycles, or roller skates/blades are allowed on the ramp, porch, deck or docks.

14. Members are asked to keep the club and grounds clean.

15. Trash needs to be sorted into recyclable and general trash. Used oil, batteries, etc. may not be disposed of at the Club. Please dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner.

16. All owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets with the bags provided by the swing set and wharf. Pets must be leashed

17. Non-dry docked boat trailers must be removed from the Club grounds during the summer season or they will be towed.

18. The Club truck may be used by members after receiving permission from the Steward. Use is restricted to the club grounds except if the truck is being used to conduct Club business off site.


1. Unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, members under the age of 18 are not permitted on the Club premises after the Club has been closed for the evening.

2. Children of Club members must become either Junior or Intermediate members as required by the by-laws, if they are to enjoy the use of the Club.

3. No one under the legal drinking age may consume alcoholic beverages on Club property at any time.


1. All non-members must register with the Steward unless accompanied by a Club member.

2. Visiting yachtsmen, who are members of other yacht clubs, may use the Club s facilities for limited periods in accordance with the fee schedule.

3. It is recognized that a Club member may allow the occasional use of his yacht by a non-member. Launch service, in this case, will be provided if the Steward has been notified in advance and launch service has been paid by the member. This privilege does not extend to the use of the Club house unless the guest is accompanied by a Club member.

4. Members are responsible for their guest s compliance with all Club rules.


1. A Club member who has chartered his yacht to a non-member while it is moored in Bristol Harbor is responsible for payment of the visiting yachtsmen s fee if the non-member uses the Club s facilities. Use of the Club s facilities by the non-member will be in accordance with the Club rules; particularly the section pertaining to Guest Privileges. This privilege may be revoked if abused.

2. Charters between Club members, or charters by Club members who have not paid for launch service will be provided launch service at the rate of $3 per passenger per trip.

3. Club members whose yachts are engaged primarily in the charter business may neither originate nor terminate these charters at the Club s floats nor use the Club s facilities to conduct this business.


1. The Steward is requested to bring these Club rules to the attention of those who are unaware of them and to report violations to a Flag Officer or the appropriate Committee Chairperson.

2. No reprimand by any Club member should be made to any employee of the Club. However, members are encouraged to direct any complaints or suggestions to the Steward, a Flag Officer or the appropriate Committee Chairperson.


1. The Club membership list is for the exclusive and personal use of Club members. The use of this list for commercial or other purposes, whether by a Club member or non-member, is expressly prohibited.

2. No subscription or petition shall be circulated, nor any article or service offered for sale without permission of the Executive Committee.


The waterfront is under the direction of the Waterfront Staff: Chief Steward, Dock Master, and launch staff. They are responsible for enforcing the waterfront rules. The Chief Steward or the Dock Master may temporarily suspend privileges if warranted. Your cooperation and support of the Waterfront Staff is expected and greatly appreciated.


1. The Waterfront Staff may limit privileges of any yacht they feel is abusing their privileges. They may extend these waterfront privileges for good cause.

2. Club work boats may only be used for authorized uses after the Steward grants permission. Authorized use includes tending to moorings and transporting of outboard engines, fuel and propane for non-commercial purposes and within Bristol Harbor. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the Commodore.

3. No smoking is allowed on launches or club boats.

4. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on club property once off the dock, unless purchased at the club bar.

WATERFRONT General Safety

1. Due to safety precautions no open fires, grills, or fireworks of any kind are allowed on the float, pier, or yachts alongside.

2. Recreational swimming, diving, or fishing from the floats or piers is not permitted. Appropriate footwear must be worn on the docks at all times.

3. Towing by launches will be at the discretion of the Waterfront Staff.

4. Anyone under the age of 13 must wear life jackets from the inboard end of the dock until they return to shore.


Launch Safety

1. Follow the directions of the launch driver at all times.

2. Anyone under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket while on the launch.

3. Use the launch boarding ladder to board and disembark from your boat.

4. Outboard engines, fuel and propane tanks over five pounds are not allowed on the launches. See General Rules for use of work boats.

5. Launch service may be suspended during periods of severe weather.

Launch Usage

1. Launch service will only be provided to vessels having paid for the service.

2. During peak times there may be a limit of 2 persons on the launch per vessel. A flag (red flag with the word Limited and below Limited the number 2) will be flown from the dock house flag pole if this restriction is in place.

3. On Wednesday (race) night there is a limit of 2 persons on the launch per vessel. Vessels without auxiliary power may exceed the 2-person limit. No dock house flag will be flown.

4. In order to minimize trips always assemble your crew on the launch float before requesting the launch or make a brief stop at the dock to pick up all of them.

When requesting a pick up from your boat

1. Call the dock staff on Channel 68 (if you do not have VHF, give 3 prolonged blasts from your horn)

2. Provide the following information to the dock staff:

a. Name and location of your vessel

b. Number of passengers that will disembark

c. Have a small light on vessel after dark.


Outside Docking

1. The north most float is intended for picking up and discharging of passengers. A five minute tie up limit is in effect unless Waterfront Staff deem otherwise.

2. On weekdays during the hours that the launch is operating yachts may tie up to the outer float for a period of time with the permission of the Waterfront Staff.

3. On weekends during the hours that the launch is operating (from 1200 hours on Friday until 1700 hours on Sunday or holidays) there is a 20 minute tie up limit and vessels must be attended. Waterfront Staff may give permission for brief unattended stays.

4. While a yacht is tied to the docks, dinghies must be tied outboard of the mother vessel.

5. No tie-ups are allowed on Wednesdays, from 1600 hours until 2000 hours during scheduled times of the Wednesday night racing series.

Inside Docking

1. All tie-ups to the inside docks require a reservation. No vessel shall be allowed more than nine (9) nights on the inside floats in any given season.

2. Reservation requests are best made at the dock house. They may also be made by telephone or email. Reservations require a confirmation from the Waterfront Staff.

3. It is generally expected that yachts reserving these inside float spaces will have some activity on board during their stay alongside. Work sessions, socializing and staying aboard overnight are considered appropriate use of these spaces as are loading, unloading and washing down your boat. Situations where yachts spend excessive time alongside with no activity aboard wastes dock space that could be used by other members, and will not be permitted.

4. Arrangements for work or repairs by outside contractors that require dock space are expected to be carried out in a timely fashion. Make reservations to come alongside with the Waterfront Staff. Insist that your outside help arrive and perform their work at agreed upon times. Be sure there is a good reason that your contractor needs the boat at the dock to get the work done and that it is not there simply for his convenience.

5. Reservations require the boat name, owner, telephone number, and times of arrival and departure. The default arrival time is 1300 hours. The default departure time is 1100 hours.

6. Weekends: 1200 hours. Friday 1700 hours. Sunday or holidays. Yachts are entitled up to three (3) weekend reservation days per season. No combinations with weekday reservations are permitted. Members who exceed their annual allocation may be placed on a waiting list that is reviewed at 1100 hours on the requested day for space availability.

7. Weekdays: 1700 hours Sunday 1200 hours Friday. Because total reservation days cannot exceed nine (9), depending on the number of weekend nights used, yachts are entitled to use six (6) or up to a maximum of nine (9) nights for weekday reservations. Only two (2) consecutive weekday nights within one week are allowed. Weekday reservations may not be combined with weekend reservations.

8. The Waterfront staff may allow exceptions for good cause as appropriate. The Steward or Dock Master may temporarily limit privileges for any yacht believed to be abusing their privileges.


1. No tie up to outside dock on Wednesday from 1600 hours through 2000 hours.

2. On Wednesday (race) night there is a limit of 2 persons on the launch per vessel. Vessels without auxiliary power may exceed the 2 person limit. No dock house flag will be flown.

3. No sail folding on the dock is allowed between 1600 hours and 2000 hours.

4. Yachts will pick up and disembark crew at the outside dock.


1. Lockers: January 1 through December 31

2. Summer Storage: April 15 through October 31

Includes: dinghies, kayaks, boats, and trailers.

3. Winter Storage: November 1 through April 14

4. Annual storage: April 15 through April 14 of following year

5. Launch services: April 15 through October 31

6. Moorings: April 15 Oct 31

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