2017 Winter Events

Winter Events at the BYC for 2017 were:

BYC Long Term Planning

- Town Hall Meeting #1 is on Friday, 02/10/17 at 7:00. Run in conjunction with the Friday Night Bites Event.

- Town Hall Meeting #2 is on Friday, 04/07/17 at 7:00. After Dinner.

Ping Pong

- The first Annual BYC Ping Pong Tournament will be on Friday, 02/24/17 at 7:00. Two Tables of fast paced action. Multiple Age Groups and Skill Levels. Bring the kids. And Food. Stand by for details.


- 20+ BYC Members Cruise the French Canals. Talk on Friday, 4/21/17 at 7:00. After dinner.

For more information, or to volunteer for a speaking slot in 2018, please contact Fleet Captain Chris Bjerregaard

Navigation Workshop

For beginners, this hands-on workshop develops skills in basic coastal navigation usingboth paper charts and mobile GPS devices. You learn how to plot a course, determineyour location, set a course while underway, and track your progress. The focus is onnavigating safely in waters such as Narragansett Bay. Download details here.

All winter speaking events take place at BYC.

Cruise Details

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