The BYC Strategic Planning and Steering Committees are pleased to share their findings and recommendations with you through links to the attached files. One file is a Summary of the Strategic Plan; the other five describe the aspirational capital projects proposed for consideration by the membership. 


We want to get your feedback on these projects and will schedule meetings (probably on Zoom) in September when you will have the opportunity to hear and discuss them as they are presented by their team leaders. We hope you will attend these meetings and read these files in advance. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on these project ideas and will gather your feedback to present to the Executive Committee. 


Though considerable effort has been spent on estimating the costs of these projects, they are only estimates, and some have features that may be modified by member discussions. Before putting any more effort into refining project details, the Executive Committee will want to know which projects generate the most member support and enthusiasm, and which, if any, members would like to pursue. It is unlikely we can afford to do all of these projects immediately, so members’ support and enthusiasm are the keys to deciding which to investigate in detail.


Accordingly, in October we will distribute a survey to gather members’ feedback to these projects and to learn their level of interest and support for each. Once the survey results are collected, those results will be communicated to the membership, summarized for the Board, and the Strategic Plan will be complete.


The Executive Committee may decide to pursue one or more of these projects by developing detailed plans, and presenting them for membership approval using the usual capital expenditure process. This list is by no means intended to foreclose other capital project ideas: In the future, other projects may be proposed as opportunities and circumstances change. The Executive Committee may also wish to update the Strategic Plan periodically.


If you would like to know something about the history of the Strategic Plan or how it was organized and conducted, read the Summary File (see link above). It includes the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), creation of Strategic Objectives Teams, administrative recommendations made to the Board, how the five Strategic Capital Projects were identified and prioritized and the names of members who contributed to each Strategic Objective Team.


On behalf of the Strategic Planning and Steering Committees, we wish to thank all the volunteers for their hard work, diligence and sincere efforts to explore all the potential opportunities and issues involved in ensuring a vibrant future for Bristol Yacht Club.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on these project ideas and will gather your feedback to present to the project teams and Executive Committee. We have set up two methods for you to raise questions, get answers and make comments about the plan or any of the five strategic projects.


You can send questions to this email:


Susan Grandpierre and others will monitor your questions and get answers for you from the right source as soon as possible. Each week, we will present a couple of questions and answers in the BYC weekly email.


Alternatively, you may join the Google Group (instructions below) to ask your questions, leave comments and see what others are saying. Answers to questions asked in either forum will be shared with the Google Group as they become available. We plan to maintain these channels until the end of September, by which time the member project meetings will be completed.


Google Group Instructions:

  1. The group is visible to anyone who does a web search for "Google Group BYC Strategic Plan."

  2. To join the group, you must have a Google account. If you need to create one, type "create google account" in a search window and follow the process.

  3. Once created, click on the following link: On the group page, select "Join Group." Membership in this Google Group will be limited to BYC members. Be sure that your name and email account match that used in the Member Directory to ensure identification.

  4. In due course, the moderator will accept your request (you should get an email from the Google Group informing you) and you will have the option, under membership settings, to receive all emails, select a daily "digest" of all emails sent the prior day, or no emails to this group. The default is to receive all emails.

  5. If you prefer not to receive emails or the daily digest, you can readily view and reply to the threads by using a browser to log into Google Groups and selecting "BYC Strategic Plan" under My Groups.

  6. Within the group there is a separate thread for each major topic. Each group member will be able to see all the questions, comments and answers posted to the group. Please post questions and comments as "reply all" messages within (double click) the appropriate thread.

  7. Questions will not be answered in real time. They will be answered by each project leader or designee as time allows.


Respectfully submitted,


John Bell and Susan Grandpierre

Co-chairs, Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Chris Bjerregaard, ex officio


101 Poppasquash Rd

Bristol, RI 02809, USA


(401) 253-2922