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Upcoming Friday Night Dinners & Other House Events


June 8- September 14

Neptune's Beach Bar Coffee Shop

Saturdays 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Click Here for Information On Vic's Galley Dates & Hours


Apr 17 Better Bay Alliance Safety Seminar

Learn more about BBA HERE

Register for seminar HERE

Apr 26 TGIF with Guest Speaker

Catherine Zipf, The Bristol Historical and Preservation Society

Registration required by Apr 24, 5pm.  Register HERE

Dec 6 Holiday Boatique/Cocktail Party

Past Friday Night Dinners & Other House Events

Jan 26 TGIF Beer Tasting

Feb 9 Emily Conklin, Sailors for the Seas

Feb 23 Wine Tasting TGIF

Mar 1 Tim Muphy, Author of Adventurous Use of the Sea

Mar 22 John O'Brien, The Nature Conservancy

April 12 TGIF Dinner and Ship Store Event

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