Information for the Visiting Yachtsperson

The Bristol Yacht Club (BYC) is pleased to offer its facilities to visiting yachtsmen on a space available basis.  The Bristol Yacht Club is located on the west side of Bristol Harbor in the upper end of Narragansett Bay.  The harbor is open to the Southwest, which is the prevailing fair wind direction.  Overnight accommodations for visiting yachts are provided exclusively via moorings.  No overnight accommodations are available at the Club docks.

Contacting the BYC

Reservations are encouraged and can be made via DOCKWA.   To go directly to DOCKWA click their logo below or reserve directly through the form below.  The Club also monitors Channel 68 and can be hailed during the normal operating hours.

Our Facilities

We are pleased to offer the following facilities for visiting yachts:

  • Temporary dock tie-up for taking on water and ice or for loading/unloading supplies

  • Use of our Club launches during normal operating hours

  • Use of our Club dumpster for bagged trash only (no oil or chemicals please)

  • Use of our outdoor barbecue and picnic area

  • Use of our outdoor swing set and play area

  • Use of our Club beach area (near the head of the dock)

  • Use of our bathroom and shower facility (small building just south of the Clubhouse open 24 hours)

  • Use of our Clubhouse including library and bar (Clubhouse under reconstruction.  Beach bar available when open to visitors)


Arrival Procedures

Upon arrival in Bristol Harbor, look for a marked channel on the west side of the harbor heading due north.  Follow this channel and hail the Bristol Yacht Club on Channel 68.  The Club launch driver on duty will lead you to a mooring or give you instructions on how to find your assigned mooring.

  • Registration must be completed via DOCKWA

  • Visiting skippers are responsible for making sure their vessels are securely attached to the mooring

  • Visiting skippers should contact the BYC prior to departure

Dock & House Rules

  1. Members and visitors are expected to wear shoes on the launches and the docks.

  2. Members and visitors are expected to wear shoes, trousers, and shirts when using the Clubhouse facilities.

  3. The bar area is open only to senior members, and their guests, and to visitors over the age of 21.

  4. Bringing liquor onto the property is not allowed.  You may consume your own liquor on your boat or on the dock.  Once on land, all liquor consumed on the grounds or within the Clubhouse must be served or furnished by the Club.

  5. Parents are requested to supervise their children carefully when they are on Club grounds. Skateboarding and roller skating are not allowed on the premises.   Children are not permitted in the bar area.

  6. Dogs are permitted on the Club launches and on the Club grounds but not on the Club veranda or inside the Clubhouse.  Dog owners must dispose of any dog waste using the plastic bags located next to the head of the dock.  Dogs must be leashed at all times.

  7. Guest boats may not perform repairs of any kind while docked at the Club without the express permission of the Club Steward.

  8. Children must wear life jackets on the launches and docks

  9. The dock staff is available to help you tie up to and leave the dock.  Call them on VHF channel 68 if needed.


101 Poppasquash Rd

Bristol, RI 02809, USA



(401) 253-2922