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Join us for a cruise!

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The BYC Cruise Committee is busy planning an exciting summer of cruising options. With short legs and interesting ports of call, BYC cruises are ideal for small as well as large boats, and inviting for children. You can learn more about the upcoming cruises by keeping an eye on the website or by contacting your Fleet Captain, Ralph Kinder, at

Here's a list of events being planned for 2023:

Ocean Race Week, Newport - May 20 - 21

Destination: Newport  Contact: Andy Teitz

​Gaspee Days Cruise - June 9 - 11

The Gaspee Day Cruise takes us to Rhode Island Yacht Club to enjoy the historic Gaspee Day Parade.  Contact: Tom Dawson   Click Here to Learn More about Gaspee Cruise

Late June Weekend Cruise - June 24 - 25

Destination: Third Beach (Sakonnet)  Contact: Stacy and EJ Dochoda

Annual Week-Long Summer Cruise - July 15 - 22

 Join the cruise for a couple of days or the entire week. The cruise will be heading west. Details coming soon.  We welcome all whenever they can join. More details will be available on the Summer Cruise webpage when completed.

Maine Cruise - August 5 - August 26

This year will be our second club cruise to Maine.  More details to be available on the Maine Cruise webpage.  Contact:  Brian Fitzgerald 

In Bay Cruise Week/Victory Day Weekend - August 12 - 19

Join fellow BYC members on either a two-day cruise over Victory Day weekend or for the entire week.  Contact: TBD


Labor Day Weekend Cruise - September 2 - 4

Destination: Quonset Davisville Navy Yacht Club - Allen Harbor  Contact: Roland Gendreau

End of Season Weekend Cruise - September 16 - 17

Destination to be determined. Contact: TBD

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