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Cruise Downeast with Bristol Yacht Club!

Note: The chart above indicates where our BYC Maine Cruise traveled in 2021 and may be helpful at this time for potential cruisers unfamiliar with the Maine coast. Watch for an updated chart reflecting our 2023 itinerary soon.

This year, BYC members are, once again, planning a BYC cruise Downeast. 

Club members are currently joining planning sessions to discuss logistics of making an overnight passage, preferred itineraries and anchorages, and potential social activities. In addition, plans are underway to have experienced offshore cruisers on the planning team present a series of educational sessions on topics such as weather, safety at sea -- details to come. 

If you'd like to be part of the planning process, you are encouraged to drop an email to Brian Fitzgerald and he’ll add you to the group email list so you learn about the planning meetings and educational programs. 


Listed below are many of the resources made available to Maine cruisers in 2021. These will be updated over the coming months for our 2023 cruise but remain of value as potential 2023 cruisers think about their trip.

2021 Itinerary

2021 Cruise Plan Info

2021 Cruise Weather Briefing

Educational Materials:

Safety at Sea Seminar Presentation

Weather Presentation

Offshore Safety Procedures and Equipment

Maine Bloopers

Anatomy of an Avoidable Accident

Provisioning Materials:

Provisioning for Off Shore presentation

Places to Provision in Maine

Sample Food List for Delivery

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