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The waterfront of the Bristol Yacht Club is our crown jewel. Facilities include:

  • A dozen moorings for seasonal rental

  • Two moorings located near Potter’s Cove on Prudence Island (details here)

  • Twenty-five individual storage lockers for personal marine paraphernalia

  • Dinghy float space for small (under 14 feet) boats

  • Launching ramp with adjacent wash-down hose

  • Kayak/paddleboard racks

  • Shore side storage of small boats on dollies

  • Two-ton crane for seasonal launching of small keelboats

  • Two launches, a workboat, a Race Committee boat and a dinghy

  • A “hidden” benefit of Club membership to those new to sailing, between boats, or home between far off voyages, is the ability to sail various boats owned by the East Bay Sailing Foundation.  There is no charge for this.


For more information on all the above, including associated fees, contact Chief Steward Chris Healey.


The Club has developed a set of rules designed for safety and smooth operation of the waterfront. Please take the time to read and follow the rules.


Our Club thrives on volunteerism. The Waterfront Committee invites you to get involved, make new friends and take part in our year-round effort to maintain and improve our asset. From installing the docks to researching improvements in methods, our volunteers do it all. So, no matter what your interests and skills, come to the waterfront for the access, stay for the camaraderie.

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