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Major improvements were made to the docks and outer floats this spring.  It will give all members more dockage for both short and extended stays.

  • New outer float system has been installed and it is about 30' further out from the pier

  • Additional span of docks extending south

  • Floats where you board the launch have been extended allowing for docking additional BYC service craft

  • With funds donated as a memorial to Carl Levick there is a two-step boarding ramp that will make access easier to get on and off our boats.

Depth Information


At MLLW* we have at 8 feet around the outer floats.  We have 6 feet around the new south float.



The rock that used to be on the southeast side of the outer float is still there.  It has about 4’ 6” of water over it at MLLW.  It is located 35 feet west of the outer float and 10 feet north of the south end. 

*Mean Lower Low Water is the lowest of the two tides per day (or the one low tide) averaged over a 19 year period.  Most tide apps use this as their datum so a “0” tide is MLLW.

Two-Step boarding ramp is located at the north end of the outer float system. 

  • It is secured to the float with a bolt that the system will rotate around.

  • When in the stowed position, the step will be out of the way in the center of the float and pointed north. 

  • To use it, simply rotate the steps to the right on the edge of the float.

To view a larger version of the Dock/Float plan Click Here

To view Waterfront Rules (within the club rules), Click Here

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