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This is the payment page for Bristol YC’s 2024 Wednesday Evening Millard Race Series for PHRF and One Design boats.  Late fee of $35.00 has been added as of May 16th to all fees. 


To be fully registered to race and be scored for Millard Series races you must complete all of the following steps;

  • Contact PHRF-NB and apply for your handicap rating certificate. Only after PHRF-NB publishes the certificate is the rating valid.
  • Once receive rating, sign up to race using the Yacht Scoring Registration link. Provide your information including inputting your rating, reading, accepting the Skipper’s Waiver and selecting your racing class
  • Pay for the registration using the correct fee. All must be completed before you can be scored. 

The fees for the 2024 season are as follows;

  • BYC Members $95.00
  • Nonmembers, first season registered for the Millard Series - $190.00
  • Nonmembers for subsequent registrations - $285.00
  • Late fees added to all above registrations received as of May 16, 2024 $35.00


The Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, and Waiver will be available in our Yacht Scoring website. 

Millard Race Series

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