Sea Sprite Racing at BYC

Sea Sprite Racing at Bristol Yacht Club is fun, active, competitive, and easy. The skippers, crews, and families love the boat. It is roomy and stable and safe for a family to race, yet still moves smoothly and points to windward beautifully. It is easily sailed with just 2 people as well.

Sea Sprite 23 Regatta - registration is now open!

When: Sunday, July 16, 2017
Start: 1:00 PM (2 races if possible)
Where: Bristol Harbor
Fee: $35

Click the link above for more information, 2017NOR and Sailing Instructions are posted on the Sea Sprite Association web site (

No PHRF certificates needed to race in this One Design Regatta. Registration is open to any Sea Sprite 23, membership in etiher the BYC or Sea Sprite Association is not required; be sure to sign upregistration closes on July 15, 2017. Click here to REGISTER.

Come join us, and be a part of the fun!


'Round the Hog

This annual fun race is around Hog Island. Lots of fun, this one is not to be missed. Post-race gathering at Lou and Karen Marino's home in Bristol. Grab some friends or family, and join us for the best party of the year!

When: Saturnday, September 9, 2017
Start: 1:00 PM
Where: Bristol Harbor
Fee: FREE!

2017 NOR and 2017 SI

Sea Sprite head to head.jpeg

Sea Sprite Browns Racing.png

We are a close-knit and welcoming group of sailors. You will love the camaraderie. We have a class start every Wednesday evening in the Millard Series. We typically have 14 boats registered for the Series, and each Wednesday evening we see 7 - 10 boats on the line.

sea sprite fleet racing.jpeg

sea sprite to windward.jpeg

And you cannot beat the after race buzz at the bar when we join the PHRF racers for the post race deconstruct, drinks, tall stories, and awards!

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Sea Sprite Zack with son.png

Come join the fun!! And visit the Sea Sprite Association atseaspriteassociation.comfor details of the greater community of sailors who own, sail, and love this boat.

Check back for information regarding the 2017 Sea Sprite races and regattas at the BYC and around the Bay.

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