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Welcome to the annual summer cruise registration site.  We will be visiting 5 ports and have optional dinners available at 2 of the ports: Stonington and Block Island. We will gather together on 3 evenings for potluck appetizers and the drink of the day and have 2 nights free.  A detailed cruise guide will be available by the end of June/early July.   

Registration Site Setup

The summer cruise registration is setup as a “store”.  You will select the ports and dinners that you want to join and place them in your cart.  For two of the ports you will prepay your mooring cost: Dutch Harbor and Stonington.  For the other ports you pay your mooring/slip fee directly to the Yacht Club or Harbor master but you still need to place these ports in your cart if you plan on joining us at this ports.  There is a nominal fee of $1.00 for each of these ports and by placing in the cart we will:

  • Share your information with the Yacht Club or Harbormaster to reserve your mooring when possible

  • Include you in the Cruise Guide as visiting that port

  • Include you in the count for the drink of the day


Register for Cruise

  1. Click on ‘Cruise Fee’ below to initiate the registration process.  If you plan on going on any portion of the cruise you need to pay the Cruise Fee.  Complete the information requested.  There are 2 T-shirts and drink cups included in the cost of the cruise.  Additional T-shirts can be purchased by selecting the the T-shirt product at the bottom of this page.  Include all of the boat and crew information requested.  Add ‘Cruise Fee’ to your cart when completed.

  2. The Shopping Cart will be displayed on right hand side of screen. Click back onto Summer Cruise page and click the Next Button on top right of the Summer Cruise page.

  3. The next port displayed will be Dutch Harbor. You can then page through all of the ports and complete the information for each port or dinner that you plan on joining and place in your cart.

  4. Once you have selected the ports you plan to visit you can complete the purchase of all the items in your cart.

If you have a question on the registration process please reach out to Marilyn Dimson-Doyle at 

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